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Feb 18, 2023

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Add Custom Font in Flutter





Add Custom Font in Flutter

Hi There! 👋

Recently, I was developing a clothing store app using flutter. And I was about to use a custom font, so researched flutter docs to find a way to add custom fonts.

Here's how I did 👇

Download your fonts

As a first step download the required fonts. Flutter supports .ttc,.ttf and .otf fonts. It doesn't support .woff and .woff2 fonts for all platforms.

Add Fonts To Your Project

Create assets/fonts in the root level of the project

Add all your fonts.

In my case, I am adding all styles of EncodeSans Font to Fonts directory

Project Structure

Declare Fonts In Pubspec.yml

    - family: EncodeSans
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Black.ttf
          weight: 900
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-ExtraBold.ttf
          weight: 800
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Bold.ttf
          weight: 700
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-SemiBold.ttf
          weight: 600
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Medium.ttf
          weight: 500
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Regular.ttf
          weight: 400
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Thin.ttf
          weight: 300
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-Light.ttf
          weight: 200
        - asset: assets/fonts/EncodeSans-ExtraLight.ttf
          weight: 100

Create a Font Family Typography Class

Creating a common Typography class that holds font family styles would help in using font family throughout the application

Add constant/typography.dart file under lib directory

// typography.dart

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

class Typogaphy {
  static TextStyle Black =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w900);

  static TextStyle ExtraBold =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w800);

  static TextStyle Bold =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w700);

  static TextStyle SemiBold =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w600);

  static TextStyle Medium =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w500);
  static TextStyle Regular =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w400);
  static TextStyle Thin =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w300);
  static TextStyle Light =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w200);
  static TextStyle ExtraLight =
      TextStyle(fontFamily: _FONT_FAMILY, fontWeight: FontWeight.w100);

Using Font Family From The Typography Class

To use the font family declared in the typography class, use copyWith method to merge typography style with text-specific style.

Text('This is a Semi Bold Typo',
                  style: Typogaphy.SemiBold.copyWith(
                    fontSize: 40,

Here's my main.dart file looks like

// main.dart

import 'package:clothing_store/constant/typography.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

void main() {
  runApp(const MyApp());

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  const MyApp({super.key});

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      title: 'Flutter Custom Typo',
      theme: ThemeData(
      home: const MyHomePage(title: 'Flutter Demo Home Page'),

class MyHomePage extends StatefulWidget {
  const MyHomePage({super.key, required this.title});
  final String title;
  State<MyHomePage> createState() => _MyHomePageState();

class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: Text(widget.title,
            style: Typogaphy.SemiBold.copyWith(color: Colors.white)),
      body: Center(
        child: Padding(
          padding: const EdgeInsets.all(8.0),
          child: Column(
            children: <Widget>[
              Text('This is a Semi Bold Typo',
                  style: Typogaphy.SemiBold.copyWith(
                    fontSize: 40,

For simplicity, I have created a basic typography class with font families alone. Based on your application requirement, you can extend it.

Final Result

Image description


In this post, you have learned how to add a custom font, what fonts are supported by the flutter and how to reuse font family throughout the application.

Thanks For Reading!

Hope you have learned something new today 😊.

I welcome your questions, feedback, and discussions on this topic. Don't hesitate to reach out if there's something you'd like to talk about.

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